Better Energy Management Ltd

Our Focus is:
To use our expertise to deliver to our customers the greatest savings through the best in technology.
Our History is:
Over 25 years in Product Development with many years’ solely focused on developing LED lighting and control technology. Networked with over 600 Factories through out the world. Head office in Ireland with testing and parts sourcing office in China.
Our Purpose is:
To save you money on all costs associated with lighting.
Our Speciality is:
Using experts in Electronics, Product Design and mechanical design to solve our customers energy issues.
Our Difference is:
We recognise that every business has different needs, budgets and limitations. From BEM you get a bespoke service and solution which uses the latest proven and tested technology to help you maximise savings in line with your budget.
The Reason to do business with us is:
We have the proven experience, expertise and global networks available to deliver a cost effective solution unique to your business needs.