The BEM APP Audit
We have developed our own app to carry out lighting audits. Our audits have been praised by many of our customers for its complete transparency and extremely detailed evaluation of lighting costs.

If you give us the unit rate plus the operational hours, we can then give a breakdown of the lighting costs area by area, room by room. From our inspection we can offer alternative technologies to reduce the costs.
Maintenance costs are calculated based on the typical life of existing lamps,  from this we can estimate the number of lamps/ballasts which fail and have to be replaced each year.

We dont factor for Labour costs of maintenance as this varies so much and some see this as part of the maintenance staff role either way.
These are generally the costs associated with your lighting. We then propose an alternative technology which uses much less electricity and from this an indicative figure for the annual savings is shown in each area.
We are fully transparent on costs per area for upgrading. This allows you to both compare but more importantly to see that typically 90% of the savings can be achieved at 60% of the costs as not all lighting needs to be changed if it only operates from time to time.
Contact us with the following information and we will send you our LED recommendation plus a ***free evaluation*** of the savings, costs and payback time frame.
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Total number of fittings:
Operational hours per day:
Number of operational days per Year:
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